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Denver Family Attorney

Aurora Divorce Attorney Susan J. Ellender Protects Your Rights

In any divorce legal matter, tempers can fray, emotions can unravel and words that we regret can slip out. Innocent children can be caught in the middle of avoidable grown-up disagreements.

You need legal leadership that replaces this chaos with order — the kind you will find at the law office of Susan J. Ellender in Denver.

Our caring attorney's 10 plus years of experience can impact your life in positive ways. Dignity, respect and authentic human concern are hallmarks of her successful family law practice.

Susan J. Ellender listens carefully to everything you tell her, and blends what she learns with comprehensive legal knowledge. She answers your questions honestly and gives realistic assessments of your goals. She arms you with the facts, so you can make informed decisions about your post-divorce future.

At your free initial consultation, Ms. Ellender establishes an atmosphere of comfort, concern, candor and confidentiality. Her law office is a safe place to put your trust, at the most trying time in your life.

Contact her today by toll-free phone call, e-mail or fax from wherever you are in the counties of Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson and Adams. 916-812-8931.

Experienced, Client-Focused Family Law Representation in Colorado

The law office of Susan J. Ellender gives special emphasis to family law practice areas that include:

Susan J. Ellender brings a unique personal experience to the work she does for you — life passages you can relate to. As a former deputy district attorney specializing in domestic abuse and children's issues, she has seen the law work its magic from a variety of helpful perspectives.

You can contact our Denver family lawyer right now, to schedule your initial consultation.

Call 916-812-8931

Susan J. Ellender can also be reached by e-mail and fax. Messages left after business hours are always promptly returned.

For sound counsel on custody, support and property division goals, during your divorce — and post-decree modifications or parental relocations after it — lawyer Susan J. Ellender works with you toward practical, lasting solutions. After 10 plus years of service to her clients, her approach is an assertive, experienced one.

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