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Denver Grandparents' Rights Lawyer

Colorado Grandparents Visitation Lawyer Cyndi J. Pavletic

If you are a Colorado grandparent who has lost touch with a beloved grandchild — a detachment you did not cause, one you want to see corrected — our experienced, caring family law attorney can help.

Denver lawyer Cyndi J. Pavletic has advocated for grandparents' rights in child custody and visitation legal matters for over 10 years.

Ms. Pavletic understands your frustrations. She wants you to know that you are on the right side of Colorado law.

You may have rights to see your grandchild on a regular basis. And when a parent abdicates his or her parental responsibility, found to be a substance abuser or leaves the state without warning, you may be able to petition for increased custody and visitation opportunities, or permanent custody of your grandchild.

If you are a grandparent in a family divided by parental misconduct, if you want to increase access to a grandchild, we urge you to contact the law office of Cyndi J. Pavletic. Our caring family law attorney wants to see your unselfishness recognized for what it is: the desire to see a child raised constructively.

Call toll free to 888-552-8173. An evening or weekend appointment is available.

Serving Family Law Clients in Greater Denver for Over 10 Years

One of the guiding forces behind the family law practice of Cyndi J. Pavletic is our state's commitment to "the best interest of the child." If a parent's behavior threatens a marriage, or his or her relationship with the child, a grandparent may request an increase in access to that child.

In these situations, attorney Pavletic can work to uphold your grandparents' rights. Since decisions that favor grandparents are not necessarily foregone conclusions, our lawyer will listen to your side of the story, gather the facts and file a legal action that sends a strong message.

The law office of Cyndi J. Pavletic serves clients in Colorado cities such as Denver, Greenwood Village, Aurora, Centennial, Cherry Hills Village, Lone Tree, Parker, Highlands, Englewood, Littleton, Castle Rock Lakewood, Arvada and others throughout Denver County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Jefferson County and Adams County.

Denver Grandparents' Rights Attorney Offers Free Consultations

We invite you to discuss your custody and grandchild visitation goals with Cyndi J. Pavletic. Reserve a free initial consultation by calling 888-552-8173, toll-free.

For sound counsel on custody, support and property division goals, during your divorce — and post-decree modifications or parental relocations after it — lawyer Cyndi J. Pavletic works with you toward practical, lasting solutions. After 10 plus years of service to her clients, her approach is an assertive, experienced one.

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